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Customized layouts

We are pleased to offer customized layouts based on our clients’ individual requirements and projects. One can change size, shapes, add necessary elements to any particular module. Each customized unit that was produced before can be offered again at any moment, using the units codes. Should you have a request on customized layout, make an order using form

EM-SR-14 Workbench

Customized workbench for electrical installation operations

SR-VD workbench with movable middle unit

Customized Constant series workbench with movable middle unit

ALF-N workbench with 3 aluminium supports

ALPHA series workbench with 3 aluminium supports and customized shape worktop

SR-P Customized shape workbench

Customized shape workbench with additional multilevel shelves

TTL-N Laboratory equipment transportation cart

Laboratory equipment transportation cart with perforated side walls and round sections

TTU-N Transportation cart

Transportation cart for heavy loads

ST-B counter with plastic boxes

Movable counter with convenient plastic boxes