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Heavy duty workbenches series Titan

Titan series technical furniture is designed for mechanical works, which require reinforced load capacities, especially in machine-building and metalworking industries, in workshops and car services. 

Main features of Titan series furniture:

  • 2000 kg load capacity for workbenches, reinforced runners for drawers and durable wheels for movable workstations and trolleys allow working with heavier details and tools;
  • Two types of shock resistant and high-abrasion tabletops; various sets of modules allow selecting an optimal variant;
  • Specially designed structural iron profiles provide durability and reliability of construction;
  • Automatic positioning of component parts provides precision and ease of assembly;
  • Demountable construction which consists of 4 parts provides convenience of transportation.


New Heavy duty workbench VT series Titan

Heavy duty workbench with up to 2000 kg load capacity is designed for mechanical works.

Tool cabinet SHK/VT

Titan series reinforced tools cabinet can be used for milling, drilling and CNC lathes tools storage, as well as punches and matrix plate-bending tools. 

Movable workstation VTM

Titan series movable workstation is a compact movable workbench with 4 drawers and reinforced polyurethane wheels equipped with a stopper, it prevents a workbench rolling during a working process. 

New Reinforced transportation cart TT/VT

Titan series reinforced transportation cart is designed for heavy tools and accessories storage and movement between manufacturing sectors.

Shelving STS/VT

Reinforced shelving with smoothly height-adjustable shelves and supports.