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Movable trolleys

Movable trolleys help to organize equipment transportation and usage thus making production process convenient and safe. All trolleys' wheels equipped with brakes.

Alliance equipment trolley

It has 5 height-adjustable shelves and a power panel with 4 sockets.

ST-05 Comfort equipment trolley

5 height-adjustable shelves and power panel with 5 grounded and 1 ungrounded sockets.

ST-05 equipment trolley

5 height-adjustable shelves and power panel with 5 grounded and 1 ungrounded sockets.

SKM dual movable trolley

Dual Movable counter for accessories: a rack coated with conductive powder paint, thus available only in ESD version.

SUS movable packing trolley

Auxiliary trolley, designed for convenient polyethylene, damping film, paper and other packaging materials rolls clamping; maximum roll’s width − 1.5 m.

Movable trolleys ST-06

Movable trolley is used for tools and components storage and transportation.

ST-VR-01 Movable equipment trolley

Convenient equipment trolley with side handle allows tools and equipment storage on upper perforated panel and two lower shelves.

ST-R movable repairing trolley

The counter has 2 perforated surfaces and a drawer unit with 5 telescoping drawers.

GM-ST Gamma movable trolley

Movable trolley is equipped with five shelves and a built-in power panel